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Breeding Schedule 2012

Kidding season is complete. We have seven kids for sale, please see the kids page (link at left) for more information and pictures.

Our breeding schedule for spring 2012 is listed below. Due to a few setbacks and a very anxious fence-jumping buck, breeding began a full six weeks early. As far as we know, our new buck, Irish Whisper YS White Cloud, did not get to breed this year, but we cannot be 100% sure until after April 10th.

A kid or kids can be reserved by deposit. Beginning in November 2011, a deposit may be mailed to our address (please let me know by phone or email if you are reserving a kid or kids before you mail a deposit). You may make an appointment to stop by our farm for a visit and pay via cash (preferred), money order, or check.

A $75 deposit will reserve a doeling or buckling, registerable through AGS, ADGA, or NDGA, that can be used as breeding stock. We cannot promise that we will get any bucklings that we feel are good enough to keep intact and register in 2012. Breeding/show-quality doelings will be priced between $175-300. Breeding/show-quality bucklings will be priced between $200-300.

A $25 deposit will reserve a pet-quality doeling or wether (we will not provide registration papers for these). Pet quality does can be bred but we cannot guarantee that they will either be show-quality or good milkers. Any buck to be sold as a wether will not be available until after weaning and we will wether him for you. All pet-quality animals will sell for $75-$125.

Please note that we wish to keep at least one doeling each breeding cycle. This means that while we have a small herd we may not be able to honor all reservations made. If we cannot honor a deposit for a pre-birth registration, we can either keep your deposit for the next year or we will refund in full. We reserve the right to retain an animal that has been reserved and will refund in full if that happens.

Breeding season begins on or after 17 November 2011 for births around 10 April 2012.

Dam   Sire  Bred  Due Date  Doelings   Bucklings/
Happy Tailz SS Z Aibhilin Fall Creek TAL Nicholas after 6 October 7 March
Twins - one buck, one doe
doe retained 1 wether $75
OKL Brannagh Fall Creek TAL Nicholas after 6 October 24 March
Triplet bucks
3 wethers $75 each
Happy Tailz TW A Caoilainn Fall Creek TAL Nicholas after 6 October 4 March 2012 none available none available
Irish Whisper PPZ Deirdre Fall Creek TAL Nicholas after 6 October 13 March
Twins - one doe and one buck
1 doe $250 1 wether $75
Hetrick IND B Endellion NOT BRED - too small for spring 2012 delivery NOT BRED NA NA
Oreo Fall Creek TAL Nicholas after 6 October 4 March 2012
Single buck
none 1 wether $75

Kids sold as breeding stock and pet does will go home sometime after they are four weeks old. Wethers go home after eight weeks. We will hold a kid up until it is weaned if a deposit is made without additional charges, but once they are weaned we have a $1.00 a day boarding charge for any reserved kid until s/he is picked up. We will try to include a week's supply of milk for non-weaned kids at no cost, or three days worth of hay for weaned animals at no cost to help with the transition.

Goat formula is not recommended as the sole source of nutrition for goats not weaned. It may be mixed with either cow milk, fresh goat milk, or store-bought goat milk at ratios up to fifty percent. However, formulas or any reconstituted milk tend to give kids scours. In 2011 we can provide you with enough milk for your goat to get it weaned at two months of age for a small charge (first week is free, per above).

Last updated 18 June 2011.