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To see pictures of our pet wethers, click here.
One of our bucks is no longer with us, click here for more information.

Here are our bucks. Bucks are the foundation for your herd; if you want good does, their sires have to be the cream of the crop. You can always breed up a doe, but to breed a doe to an inferior buck (inferior to her, that is) will give you a goat that averages the two parents as you bred down the doe with an inferior buck. We try to search out the best we can find with our limited resources, and we feel that we have some excellent herdsires.
Fall Creek TAL Nicholas
Irish Whisper YS White Cloud
Happy Tailz *** Branigan

We hope to have up-to-date pictures by Memorial Day 2012. Pictures are usually shot outside, so we wait for nice days and green grass. Most of the pictures are thumbnails upon which you can click to see a full-size picture.

Fall Creek TAL Nicholas

Here is Fall Creek TAL Nicholas, or Nick for short. He joined our herd in late January 2010. He was born in 2006 and is another example of fine breeding. He is strong and powerful in appearance but is very much a dairy goat. Nick is the herd king and generally all of the bucks know that. We hope he adds size to some of our lines; a few of our does are smaller than we'd prefer. He was previously at Painted Dreams Farm, who purchased him from Happy Tailz Farm (from where our first three goats originated). We look forward to keeping some of the does he sires and probably a buck out of him in a few years.

Sire and Dam:
Brush Creek FS Talisman x Brush Creek Lilli

Sire's Sire and Dam:
Caesar's Villa FD Sugarfoot *S x Caesar's Villa CBS Zelda

Dam's Sire and Dam:
Caesar's Villa GD Adonai *S x Caesar's Villa CBS Mae West

Irish Whisper YS White Cloud

White Cloud is out of the famous (in Michigan, anyway) Irish Whisper farm. We have a few does with Irish Whisper blood in them and we are pleased to have a buck from that farm as well. We hope he will add teat size and plumbness to the herd, as well as better udder attachment. Hopefully he will breed some color in as well...we have several white and black goats already and a few cream-colored, red, or brown would be nice.

Sire and Dam:
MI SugarCreek XC Yippy Skippy x Irish Whisper W Cottonelle

Sire's Sire and Dam:
MI SugarCreek TS Xtra Cash x MI SugarCreek WK Sally's Xena

Dam's Sire and Dam:
MI SugarCreek C Willful x AGS Irish Whisper Cottony Soft 1*M

Picture forthcoming

Happy Tailz *** Branigan

Branigan is yet-to-be born (we've also not decided on his name). We are adding him to get some new blood into the herd; his sire is from Woodbridge Farm and currently lives at Happy Tailz Farm (from where many of our other goats hail). We are hopeful that he will add capacity to his future daughters' udders and increase teat size. We are looking forward to this new addition who should arrive to our farm sometime in late March or early April 2012.

We are including likely sire and dam information. His dam will be one of two does; one of them has Indy as her sire, and it would be fortunate for us to have more than one goat with Indy in its blood even if it requires care on us to avoid unintended inbreeding.

Likely Sire:
Wood Bridge Peregrin Took

Sire's Sire and Dam:
CH Rosasharn UMT Pippin *S (2 year old All American Buck) x CH Bomahook Acres HSRD Demi Plie' (GCH and BOB at her very first show. 6th at the '10 ADGA Nationals)

Dam possibilities:
Happy Tailz SS Yld Fire (who is related to Aibhilin
Happy Tailz IND Zesty Potato Bowl (Indy's daughter)

Picture forthcoming

Last updated 26 February 2012.