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Chicks and Ducklings 2010-2011

We will not be adding any new species in 2011. We need to build more proper shelters and secure proper breeding populations of the breeds we have first. We may be adding some Speckled Sussex to the ones we have. We will buy a few Stanbridge white ducklings and some Saxony ducklings. Most of our new breed plans have been put off indefinitely due to the economy.

We tripled our flock size in 2010. We do not expect to add nearly as many in 2011. We do have on order (in batches of three pullets and one cock) Easter Eggers, Lakenvelders, and Cuckoo Marans to arrive sometime before the end of May.

Our incubator holds 42 eggs. We will probably not hatch more than 3 dozen at any given time. Duck eggs take a week longer, so ducks will be incubated separately.

Breeds in bold-faced red type will likely be offered for sale as straight-run chicks/ducklings, but we can make no promises and are not taking reservations on any.

Plans for 2011 start in February(all very tentative)

  • Icelandic eggs in incubator (we will have to order these, not all of ours are purebred)
  • Wheaten Ameraucana eggs in incubator
  • Welsh Harlequin eggs in incubator
  • Buff Orpington eggs in incubator
  • Rhode Island Red eggs in incubator (?)
  • Speckled Sussex eggs in incubator
  • Hatchery orders (most delayed until 2012)
    If we order any hatchery stock (other than Icelandic) or eggs/day-olds from breeders, it will be two to five kinds from a list of the following:

  • Welsummers
  • Buckeye (new breed for us)
  • Chantecler (new breed for us)
  • Sicilian Buttercup (new breed for us)
  • Barnvelder (new breed for us)
  • Vorwerk Bantam (new breed for us)
  • Pyncheon Bantam (new breed for us)
  • Jersey Buff turkey (new species for us)
  • Muscovy Duck (new breed for us)
  • Steinbacher or Pilgrim Geese (new species for us)
  • We are willing to combine orders for those who just want a few (usually shipping minimum is 12 eggs or 25 chicks/10 ducks/15 turkeys). We will place this order on or before 20 January 2011, so please let us know by January 1 of your desire. You must pre-pay.

    Last updated 14 April 2011.