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Links and Resources

Here are some helpful links for those who wish to know more about our livestock generally, and our Nigerian Dwarf Goats and our chicken breeds in particular. We are not necessarily members of all of the registries and associations, nor do we subscribe to every periodical listed here, but we feel comfortable sharing the links with you. We will periodically check each of these links and update/remove any broken links.

If you know of any links that should be on here, send us an email or let us know in the guestbook. While we gladly accept all links related to our specific breeds and their species in general, please do not submit breeder links. We include links to the farms/breeders from which our goats originated and/or were born for sake of reference only.

Books and Articles


Storey's publishes many other books on livestock and farming. These have been the ones we have read and can recommend.

Personal Milkers: A Primer to Nigerian Dwarf Goats The only book we know of written specifically on Nigerian Dwarf Goats.
a great book on care of goats without using antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, or chemicals.

Why People Drink Goat Milk: Keenan's Story article from the Dairy Goat Journal.
The Nutritional Benefits of Goat Milk article from the Dairy Goat Journal.

Goat Associations and Organizations

American Goat Society (AGS)
Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association (NGDA)
American Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goat Association (ANDDA)
Michigan Dairy Goat Society (MDGS)
American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA)
International Dairy Goat Registry
The Miniature Dairy Goat Registry
The Miniature Goat Club (TMGC)

Goat Periodicals and Reference

Cyber Goat (a lot of their links need to be updated)
Ruminations Nigerian Dwarf Goat-specific journal
Dairy Goat Journal
The Holistic Horse (all-natural health care products for livestock)
The Goat Dairy Library
The Goat Pasture
The Goat Kingdom
The Goat Magazine (appears to be on hiatus)
United Caprine News monthly newspaper on all breeds of goats
Goat Talk Forum
SpringBriar Farms (Goat Nutrition)

Poultry Clubs, Associations, and Registries

American Poultry Association
Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities (SPPA)
Poultry Breed Clubs
Rhode Island Red Breeders Club
Sussex information
Plymouth Rock Breeders Club
Orpington Breeders Club
Brahma Breeders Club
Buckeye Breeders Club
Sicilian Buttercup Breeders Club
Maran Breeders Club
Araucana Breeders Club
Ameraucana Breeders Club
Chantecler Breeders Club

Poultry Periodicals and Reference

Backyard Poultry Magazine
Backyard Chickens
Poultry Extension at Penn State
Feathersite (information on many breeds)
Poultry Keeper
Chicken and Hatchery Finder Type in a breed of chicken or any other domestic poultry or (make sure you spell it correctly) and it will find hatcheries, and in some cases breeders, who sell that breed.
Organic/All Natural Chicken Feed Finder
Community Chickens
Organic Chickens also includes recipes for making chicken feed from scratch.

General Livestock and Homesteading

Virtual Livestock Library
Natural Sustainable Agriculture Information Service
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy
Mother Earth News magazine
Grit Magazine
Hobby Farms Magazine
Countryside & Small Stock Journal

Organics and Local Foods

Organic Consumers Assocation
Rodale Institute/New Farm
Local Harvest Find locally grown food and crafts
Eat Wild Find grass-fed meat and other wild edibles.
Slow Food USA an organization which promotes the consumption of heritage breeds and varieties of plants and animals.
Stockman Grass Farmer Raising ruminants on pasture
Acres USA America's oldest, largest magazine covering commercial-scale organic and sustainable farming

Last updated 20 November 2009.